Step One – Take a Pic!
Upload a photo that you would like an animal to appear in – it could be inside the house, at the park, the beach, a wedding, anything you want!  Save your photo to your computer and then visit our Create-a-Photo page to upload it to our site. Please note: when taking your photo, high-resolution, horizontal images work best.

Step Two – Get Wild!
Select one of animal poses and using the tools we provide insert your wild creature into your uploaded photo. You can use our tools to adjust the size, color, brightness and position to ensure your animal fits seamlessly into your photo.

Step Three – Create a Lasting Memory!
Download and save your new animal photo to your computer and choose the option to print, email, or use our “print-to-store” option to send your photo to a retailer for professional printing and processing. You may also choose to share your photo to over 30 social media sites, including Facebook.