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Welcome to the 123 Photo Studio!

Welcome to 123 Photo Studio, where we put the wild side into your favorite pictures

Begin by clicking browse and select a picture from your computer that you wish to use in the photo studio. You selection will then begin to upload. You can always upload a new photo by clicking the reset button.

Once you have chosen a picture you are happy with you cen now add your animal.
Simply choose an animal in the control box located on the right side of the screen, and press "insert photo". To change the image can pick another animal by pressing "insert photo" again.

To fit the animal into your photo, use the controls to rotate or flip your animal as well as adjusting the brightness and color. To edit your picture, use the controls at the buttom of the screen to zoom in and to flip your photo.

When you are happy with your picture, click on the "process photo" button at the buttom of your screen.

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